He was born in Turkey Nevsehir Urgup Year 09/28/1959 ta.

* He started sports in 1970 in Istanbul, where he came with his family. Taekwondo- karate-kempo , respectively, worked.

* Between 1980-1990, he was interested in kung fu-kick boxing-muay thai-boxing-judo- jiu jitsu-Aikido and wrestling sports.

* Establishing Associations in Turkey Kung Fu and Kick Boxing promotion of sports and has made great efforts to spread.

KOLOĞLU founded in 1986, Ali Riza Turkey Free fighting unity with the tutor.

* In 1994, together with Sami Akın and Selahattin Bıyıklı, he established the Kick Boxing Federation and connected it to the Boxing Federation .

* In 1994, he took the certificate of security and close protection (VIP) teaching course organized by UMAA organization in Ankona, Italy.

* In 1995, he became the Professional World Champion in Middleweight in the Free Fighting Championship organized by Russian organizers.

* 1998 was brought to Turkey Kick Boxing National Team Coaching.

* In 2000, he chaired the international Free Fighting Championship held in Baku, at the invitation of the Minister of Sports, and gave a seminar to the coaches and referees of the coming countries.

* Here he established the international free-fighting unit , shortly named İFFA, appointed his student Rasim Eyvazov as the President.

* In 2007-2008, Turkey has made efforts for a proper understanding of professionalism has organized professional matches.

* He played many formal and informal matches in his sports life that started in 1970 and was not defeated , he has the title of Namağlup.

* In the Alternative Combat Sports Olympiad held under the auspices of the President of Russia, Putin in 2014, one of the five medals presented by the Organization to the system builders and masters at the 10th floor level was 

awarded to Mehmet Şahin.

* It has 8. Dan documents from various international organizations.

* To date, it is estimated that around 250 000 sportsmen have calmed down .

* Growing sport guys are still in senior positions in Turkey and continues to work in various countries, he also continues his active sports career in academic Fitness Center and Golden Gloves Champion Clubs ...