About the Federation


Ali Rıza Koloğlu and Mehmet Şahin, who worked as Kempo Karate teachers in 1977, started work on a martial art that includes all martial arts.

The great karate master, Masutatsu, wrote a letter to Oyama, who talked about his works, and the master Oyama talked about the thought of Free Fighting, which he also emphasized in his letter of reply.

Thus, Free Fight style came to life. Ali Rıza Koloğlu and Mehmet Şahin started working and teaching the Free Fight style, which includes many martial arts techniques, in 1977 under the name of Free Fighting Karate.

Since the 1980s, the widespread kung fu sport in the world, also became popular as Free Fight style closer to kick in Turkey is, athletes Free Fighting kung fu masters that başladılar.i to enter into this competition under the name athletes have achieved great success in competitions held during this period.

Finally, in 1986, Turkey officially two masters of the Free Fighting Association kurdular.al Riza Mehmet Sahin Koloğlu and teachers Free Fighting style not only as mixed martial arts, but also have developed a system on a regular basis.

Masutatsu Oyama Ali Rıza Koloğlu and Mehmet Şahin were the great masters who used the name Free Fighting in the world for the first time.

When Ali Rıza Koloğlu left his active sports life, Master Mehmet Şahin continued on his own. With the associations and clubs it has established, it has developed and expanded the Free Fighting sport.

In 2000, he founded İFFA, the international Free Fighting Association, of which approximately 14 countries are affiliated, and brought his student Rasim Eyvazov to the Presidency. With the death of Rasim Eyvazov in 2016, a restructuring process was initiated and the establishment of the World Federation was initiated.

Today, there are many fighting Organizations in the World under the name of Free Fighting and MMA. Master Mehmet Sahin does Free Fighting not only as a fighting style but as a system different from other organizations. Not only Free Fighting is a game rule, but also includes Kick Boxing- Muay Thai- Karate- Boxing- Judo- Jiu Jitsu- Aikido- Wrestling techniques. is the name of a martial art.

Every country can use its own language as its terminology is in English.

As in the Far East sports, there are belt rankings. White-Yellow-Orange-Green-Blue-Brown 1. Band-Brown 2. Band- Brown 3. Band- Black Belt 1. Dan. The transition between generations is 3 months.

The transition from 1st to 2nd calf is 1 year-2. The transition from Dandan to the 3rd Dana - 2 years - from the Dandan to the 4th Dana - from the 3rd Dane - from the 4th Dandan to the 5th Dana - the 4 years - from the 5th Dandan to the 6th Dana - the 5 years - the transition from the 6th to the 7th - from the 6th year - 7 years. The transition from Dan to 8. Dana is 7 years - 8. From Dandan to 9. Dana passage is 8 years - from 9 to 10. Dana transition is 9 years.

Dans must definitely be approved by the head of the technical committee. The head of the technical committee is Master Mehmet Şahin as long as he lives. Dan and Coaching certificate is not given to those who do not do active sports. Today, Free Fight Fighters enter and compete in all branches with strokes.